The Path to Data Privacy Compliance: EU GDPR, Privacy Shield, BCRs, or Model Clauses?

By Vishal Anand

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This whitepaper primarily discusses the potential impact of U.S. and EU data protection laws on businesses involved in cross-border data transfers and sheds light on differences in approach, legal regimes, and concept of personal data including key GDPR principles.


Building an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program: Where to Start?

By: Mitch Hoppenworth

There are many resources available to choose from when looking for assistance in building an effective Compliance and Ethics program. This Whitepaper will help you begin your program by describing and prioritizing seven essential program elements.


Strategic Considerations in Implementing an End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

By: Vishal Anand

Contracts are a cornerstone of all business-to-business relationships. This Whitepaper highlights considerations and best practices in effectively managing an end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) initiative using three key levers: technology, processes, and people.


Technology Assisted Review: Justifiable Hesitation

By: Mike Duffy

The claim that technology assisted review (TAR) is just as good as, or better than, manual document review is familiar to anyone in the e-discovery business. This Whitepaper highlights significant reasons for the continuing reluctance of litigators to rely solely on artificial intelligence to identify and produce relevant and privileged documents in high stakes litigation.