DWF Mindcrest’s Director of Business Development
Among Group of Round One Winners
in Global Legal Hackathon

Director of Business Development for DWF Mindcrest and Director of Education for Neota Logic declared first round winners of the Global Legal Hackathon in New York City

CHICAGO – March 8, 2018 – Winners of Round One of the Global Legal Hackathon, the world’s largest coordinated hackathon for the legal industry to date, have been announced. At the Lower Manhattan headquarters of American Express, DWF Mindcrest’s Director of Business Development, Zeke Hughes, and his partner, Max Paterson of Neota Logic, were declared the winners of the New York venue of the Global Legal Hackathon for their development of RightsNow, a product and business plan to harness the power of digital voice assistants to deliver legal information to millions of users.

“Our primary goal was to use our experience with innovative legal technology to guide us in creating a tool that could enable the everyday person access to legal information by voice command,” said DWF Mindcrest’s Director of Business Development, Zeke Hughes. “The proliferation of smart phones with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home offers the potential to deliver critical legal information as a service, on demand, using voice.”

According to the Round One results published earlier this week by the Global Legal Hackathon, the event saw participation from thousands of individuals in 40 cities and 22 countries worldwide over the course of a weekend.

“Our vision was to create and connect a global community of legal innovators, challenging individuals and organizations to develop new technology and approaches to global legal industry problems,” David Fisher, CEO of Integra Ledger and co-founder of the Global Legal Hackathon commented. “Max and Zeke embraced this vision and their RightsNow voice application is exactly the type of innovation that we hoped the hackathon would inspire.”

“Knowing your rights and the law on any given subject can be a difficult thing for lawyers and the general public,” said Max Paterson, Senior Director of Education & Community Programs at Neota Logic. “Having quick access to legal information in an informative, relatable and conversational manner greatly improves access to justice and is a huge step towards a more informed and engaged citizenry.”

Hughes and Paterson will participate in Round Two which will be held on March 11. The final round, resulting in the global winners, will take place on April 21 in New York.