Contracts Management

Contracts are the life-blood of a business - an average Fortune 2000 company has tens of thousands of active contracts. Many struggle to manage contract performance across geographically dispersed locations, fragmented databases, and a combination of stakeholders with varying needs. Conventional strategies of managing contracts have led to regulatory penalties, missed deadlines, missed benefits, maverick pricing, and transaction errors. Our contracting solutions help you manage contract risk, close more deals, improve decision-making using accurate contract data, and reduce costs.

Real Estate

Our team captures important lease terms and property information, including occupant rights and obligations and rent details, so our clients don’t have to. We create sets of lease reports for our clients to meet their site management and reporting needs and ensure all terms and documentation are in order and ready for final signatures.

We also abstract and capture important terms from real estate contracts, including specifics around how rent and other fees are calculated, as well as various other tenant and landlord rights and obligations to inform our commercial real estate clients during their re-acquisition due diligence period and in post-acquisition scenarios to catalog data in client contract management databases.

Lender Services

Mindcrest works with lender clients to manage their interest against customers with payment issues. Our team handles the review and preparation of documentation for everything from letters to customers, applications to the courts, to various online land ownership and insolvency records, and more, in order to secure payment or satisfaction of obligations from the customers.


The GDPR is completely changing how organizations collect and store personal data. The regulation’s deadline is approaching quickly; have you begun your compliance efforts? Read more details about Mindcrest’s GDPR solutions here.

Contract Drafting and Negotiating

Are you overwhelmed by negotiating high volume, routine contracts? Are you suffering delays when it comes to more important, higher value contracts? Our specialized teams implement a framework to efficiently prepare drafts, address third party paper, and negotiate those high volume contracts with reduced negotiation cycles.

Contract Risk and Obligation Management

Critical decisions made by your business and risk-management teams depend on information residing in executed contracts. Fragmented databases, lack of governance, and inadequate use of technology makes it nearly impossible to manage contract data. Our contract abstraction and risk management solutions streamline and create a single source of truth for all contract metadata. With a centralized contract portfolio, our review processes and analytics provide clients with immediate access and granular visibility to contract information. Our clients turn agreements into intelligent corporate assets to analyze revenue and expenditure, simplify compliance, and reduce risk.

Template Standardization and Clause Libraries

Decentralized contracting practices and use of too many templates increases contract risk and potential liability. We standardize templates and create clause libraries to promote consistency and drive automated generation of contracts. Our methodology combines analytics and expertise to identify standards, recommend clause improvements, eliminate siloed practices, and implement a reliable approach to managing risk.

Playbooks and Workflow Documentation

In the daily grind of managing contracts, a solid playbook is essential to ensure that your organization is operating efficiently. Mindcrest has a proprietary eight step process to create comprehensive playbooks. The playbooks provide legal and business explanations for all contractual terms, define pre-established fallback positions and outline clear escalation protocols. Our experts help clients monitor playbook usage and suggest workflow improvements to implement an efficient and collaborative negotiation strategy across your organization.

Due Diligence Review

Do you have enough resources to tackle due diligence reviews? Are you paying high hourly fees for unconsummated deals? Our Managed Services approach provides dedicated teams with seasoned attorneys and due diligence experts. We remediate contracts and customer files and conduct due diligence for mergers, ring-fencing, and spin-offs. What you get is a customized program that allows you to close more deals with increased efficiency, greater insight, and lower costs.

M&A Integration

Are you able to administer integration projects with the right level of resources and skills? Is your integration team struggling to manage business and project demands in a timely manner? Our Managed Services model supports the end-to-end execution on M&A integration plans, minimizing any disruption to business. We leverage pre-closing diligence information to analyze assumed legal arrangements and effectively review, negotiate, and migrate contracts into new systems of record. We utilize technology and implement strong processes to make integration management more efficient and maximize ROI.

CLM Assessment and Roadmapping

Our experts assess the existing state of your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) processes and business requirements against our maturity assessment model. We evaluate your contract workflows against recognized issues and industry best practices to identify shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. Our roadmaps are explicitly designed to accelerate implementation and promote higher adoption of CLM practices.

• Testing, Functionality, and Selection
• Repository, Search, and Reporting
• Help Desk and Process Improvement
• Document Assembly Customization by Contract Type

Rights and Royalties Management

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