Companies face increasing compliance risks. Heightened regulatory activity with substantial fines and penalties for compliance failures can overwhelm organizations. By leveraging resources and technology, Mindcrest has successfully delivered compliance solutions for our clients while demonstrating return on investment. Our capabilities to structure, review and analyze large volumes of information allow us to effectively solve the most demanding compliance challenges your company may face.


The GDPR is completely changing how organizations collect and store personal data. The regulation’s deadline is approaching quickly; have you begun your compliance efforts? Read more details about Mindcrest’s GDPR solutions here.


Compliance processes are resource-intensive and critical to many regulatory requirements such as AML, FATCA, FCPA, Ring-Fencing, etc. Through process review and remediation, we successfully help clients address and mitigate regulatory risks. Our solutions leverage technology to proactively identify your unknown risks and manage your Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations.

Regulatory Mapping

How do you know the regulatory requirements and guidelines that impact your business? Our regulatory mapping solutions create and strengthen risk programs to ensure that client obligations are correctly identified and met. These obligations can be mapped to business area/owner accountability in addition to identifying deadlines or reporting requirements.

Third Party Review

Are you confident that individuals, entities, and third parties you do business with do not present a risk to you? Our comprehensive solutions enable you to monitor relationships to identify and mitigate risk. We review sanctions and negative business lists to provide you with actionable intelligence.

Import Duty Protests

For clients that import goods, incorrectly assessed duties create significant revenue leakage. Our Import Duty Protest process allows our clients to secure significant refunds of import duties. We can implement this end-to-end solution on your behalf to further reduce your costs and optimize revenue opportunities.