Contracts Management

Contracts are the life-blood of a business - an average Fortune 2000 company has tens of thousands of active contracts. Many struggle to manage contract performance across geographically dispersed locations, fragmented databases and a combination of stakeholders with varying needs. Conventional strategies of managing contracts have led to regulatory penalties, missed deadlines, missed benefits, maverick pricing and transaction errors. Our contracting solutions help you manage contract risk, close more deals, improve decision-making using accurate contract data and reduce costs.

  • Drafting and Negotiating
  • Risk and Obligation Management
  • Template Standardization and Clause Library
  • Playbook and Workflow Documentation
  • Due Diligence Review
  • M&A Integration
  • CLM Assessment and Road Mapping
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Companies face ever increasing compliance risks and obligations. Heightened regulatory activity with substantial fines and penalties for compliance failures can overwhelm organizations. By leveraging resources and technology, DWF Mindcrest has delivered successful compliance solutions, which show a return on investment. We know how to structure, review and analyze large volumes of information, to meet each client’s complex compliance challenges.

  • Remediation
  • Regulatory Mapping
  • Third Party Review
  • Import Duty Protests
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Litigation and Investigations

Companies facing litigation and investigation challenges need a reliable e-discovery partner to work effectively with in-house and outside counsel. Our clients trust that we will deliver, having witnessed our work over 15 years on some of the largest and most complex e-discovery projects. Our specialized teams combine the best of technology and our proprietary processes to deliver cost-effective managed review solutions.

  • Managed Document Review
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Litigation and Investigation Support
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