GDPR: Are You Prepared?

There’s a lot of gray area as to what ‘personally identifiable information’ is covered under the GDPR.

That’s why we designed comprehensive solutions for your organization.

The best part? Our subject matter experts have the knowledge to do the heavy lifting for you. 


How we will help you:

We’ll go through your organization’s data – where & how it’s stored and collected. Then, we’ll prepare and negotiate addendums to supply chain contracts in line with GDPR’s requirements. Our qualified lawyers will ensure these addendums are executed before the regulatory deadline. 

Following through with compliance across the board is easier said than done. We supply project managers to coordinate across your entire organization to implement the necessary GDPR compliance initiatives. 

Prepare to Prevent. We’ll also make sure you’re covered so you know how and who to notify in the event of a breach.

Don’t forget about third parties: organizations are equally responsible for processor handling of personal data. We assess third parties to ensure their compliance.


GDPR in a Nutshell

Click on the infographic below for the facts behind the regulation.


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Let’s get to the punch

Eager to skip over the technical GDPR jargon? Check out our blog post to read what GDPR really means for your organization. 

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Our GDPR Solutions in Practice

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Read how we’re helping our clients prepare for GDPR. Click the button to access one of our case studies.


Approaching GDPR Compliance

Read our latest blog post, “A Marathon Not a Race: GDPR Compliance Requires a Process-Oriented Approach” for considerations in navigating the regulation’s compliance requirements.


Additional Resources

1) European Commission’s GDPR Guidance
The European Commission published a new website to provide extensive guidance on GDPR implementation. This website provides documents explaining the GDPR and its requirements, checklists to compliance, and information about enforcement actions.
2) UK ICO and Article 29 Working Party Guidance
UK ICO recently updated their guide to GDPR along with several useful updates and all the guidance from the Article 29 Working Party.
3) Bavarian Compliance Test 
This is a sample set of questions published by the Bavarian DPA that companies are likely to be asked in order to assess whether they are GDPR compliant.