Legal Research & Analytics

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We ensure your business continually meets the needs of existing and forthcoming laws and regulations by automating manual processes to improve the accuracy and interpretation of legislative documentation across multi-jurisdictional and language variants.
Our horizon scanning service delivers meaningful insights from large volumes of data by enabling in-house legal teams to identify, prioritize and act upon relevant regulatory changes collated from multiple global sources. Powerful tracking and auditing tools allow internal teams to monitor, update and share the latest intelligence simply and effectively.

Why use our Legal Research & Analytics services?

Many clients require timely notification of legal updates that affect their business to allow time to design and implement any necessary modifications. Our experienced team use machine learning automation to follow and summarize new and proposed legislation, regulations, case law and administrative changes by tracking several thousand legal databases daily and delivering hundreds of summaries a week.

Benefits of the service include:

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How we provide Legal Research & Analytics solutions

Our experts' track, analyze and summarize domestic and international legislative content including statutes, case law, regulations and other legal filings to deliver valuable insights that inform decision-making.

Our capabilities extend beyond analyzing your existing data and cases to undertaking bespoke legal research on a variety of legal topics. We are a trusted partner to many clients and an essential resource distilling this breadth of legal information, demonstrating the quality and value of our solutions.

Areas of work we can assist with include:

What Legal Research & Analytics services do we provide?

We have several legal experts and review teams on hand to assist with our different types of legal analytics solutions.
Product development

Our global teams support the creation and maintenance of legal database products, ranging from general legal research platforms to specialty tools in securities, tax, employment, M&A and environmental law.

In addition to gathering and distilling the relevant legal information, Mindcrest participates in the initial concept through testing and investing in continued product growth. We collaborate with clients to enhance their products by bringing innovative ideas and continuous process improvements.

Case law analysis & summarization
We add value to your case law updates by analyzing and tagging large volumes of cases for citation research services and capturing administrative decisions from boards and tribunals. We summarize the facts, identifying the point of law and the holdings within the case and the disposition. Each year we analyze over one million cases from courts around the world.
Statutory and regulatory analysis & summarization
Our attorneys research and summarize U.S. and international statutes and regulations to deliver advanced legal research and statutory analysis. We are experienced in a variety of subject areas, including tax, environmental, family, corporate, contracts and real estate. Typical services include regulatory mapping, 50-U.S. State surveys, international law surveys, updated legal document forms and the creation of reference guides for different laws.
Legislation tracking
Many clients depend on timely notification of law changes that affect their business, and our experienced attorneys use machine learning automation to provide ongoing tracking and summarization of new and proposed legislation, regulations, case law and administrative changes. We monitor several thousand legal databases daily and deliver hundreds of summaries a week.

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