Contract Abstraction and Playbook Creation

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Industry: Technology
Client: Leading Global Application Software Development and Services Organization


Leading Global Application Software Development and Services Organization maintains a significant number of agreements, certain provisions of which must be monitored and tracked to facilitate business operations.


The initial project involved abstraction of over 60 fields from multi-lingual contracts related to software licensing and various other services provided by our client. We have continued to abstract the client’s contracts on an ongoing basis.

Benefits & Outcomes

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Compliance & Risk Management

By leveraging our resources, knowledge management procedures and industry-leading technology, we help prepare your business by understanding your exposure and advising on actions to safeguard compliance and mitigate risk to operations.

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Litigation & Investigations Support

We combine the latest technology with our proprietary processes to deliver cost-effective eDiscovery and managed review solutions.
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Contract Management

We relieve the pressure on internal resources by overseeing the negotiation and delivery of high-volume contracts through efficient contract lifecycle management that reduces complexity and cost.
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Legal Research & Analytics

We ensure your business continually meets the needs of existing and forthcoming laws and regulations by automating manual processes to improve the accuracy and interpretation of legislative documentation across multi-jurisdictional and language variants.