Tackling legal department DE&I with the Black In-House Counsel Network

27 September 2022
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Creating a workplace culture that is at once Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive does not happen by accident, nor does it happen automatically. It requires focus, intentionality and a willingness to put words into action.

We take this responsibility seriously. 

Mindcrest is a proud partner of Black In-House Counsel and even prouder sponsors of The Roadmap to Inclusion in Legal Departments Report. This document is an essential call to action for legal departments who have fallen short of providing their colleagues with a healthy environment. 

As the premier source of information and engagement for Black lawyers across the legal industry, Black In-House Counsel (BIHC), runs events, publications, digital networks, career development programs and hands-on gatherings designed to help forge a new path for Black attorneys at law firms and in-house legal departments. 

Over the past five months, BIHC has worked extensively to prepare The Road Map to Inclusion, a  state-of-the-nation for DEI in corporate legal teams. They interviewed 30 top in-house legal teams, taking an unflinching look at why the needle is not moving fast enough for DEI in the legal profession. More than just rhetoric, this report contains case studies and actionable steps for progress.

As a global organization, we recognize the importance of this mission. In more than two decades, we’ve seen a wide range of clients in various industries, from legal departments needing minor improvements in their Legal Research procedures to Contract Management processes requiring complete teardowns and rebuilds. With every project, no matter how simple or complex, the overarching theme is the same: we must create a clear path to success. 

The Roadmap to Inclusion in Legal Departments Report does just that.

  • The path to success
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    The path to success

    By speaking to 70 people across 15 industries, this report is one of the most comprehensive deep dives into the true state of DEI in US legal departments. These conversations revealed which strategies work when creating inclusive environments and which measures fall short.

    From these interviews, five themes emerged as crucial for success:

    1. Courageous leadership
    2. Intentionality
    3. Accountability
    4. Innovation/Creativity
    5. Tactical Execution

    Incorporating these pillars into your DEI strategy can mean the difference between empty gestures and meaningful change. The report explains how these ideas emerged, goes deeper into what they mean and demonstrates how you can use them to improve your organization.

    You can learn more about these themes and many more findings by contacting us.

  • Words into action
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    Words into action

    The conversation doesn’t end with the report; instead it’s a launch pad for further discussion. 

    BIHC and Mindcrest are building on the work from the surveys with a series of practical workshops where law departments can:

    • Master leadership competencies to move DEI work forward to impact
    • Co-create diversity best practices that meet the real challenges of today
    • Explore innovative strategies with law department peers in a safe space

    Taking place nationwide in cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Silicon Valley, these conversations provide the opportunity to learn, debate and collaborate with peers in the field. The workshops also provide actionable insights for attendees to take back to their organizations. 

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Get involved

Mindcrest is committed to helping create inclusive legal departments in all industries. Our leadership team plays a key role in these events and our partnership with Black In-House Counsel. To learn more about the report or the workshops, contact them below.

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