Contract Review and Validation

Industry: Publishing
Client: One of Four Largest Publishing Companies


Client needed to review rights agreements to identify and prevent revenue leakage.  


During this multi-year review and validation process, our team in India reviewed approximately 150,000 agreements attached to over 100,000 metadata fields. We created rights and royalties profiling, fixed royalties discrepancies, monitored obligations, developed and deployed a robust QC framework and conducted workshops for joint planning and knowledge management.

Cost Savings:

Client saw a cost savings of approximately 50%.


  • Completed analysis of 60,000 agreements and validation of rights in five months, reducing processing time by 20%
  • Achieved 99.98% accuracy, significantly exceeded client’s internal results
  • Reviewed over 42,000 agreements for confirmation of most restrictive applicable rights (26-46 fields)
  • Reconciled 60,000 agreements among legacy systems to ensure validity of enterprise-wide source data
  • Provided added confidence in the client’s existing repository