Daily Analysis of Tax Cases

Industry: Publishing
Client: Legal Publishing Company


As the foremost publisher of tax and accounting information, the client required daily monitoring and reporting of state tax laws for legislative, regulatory, administrative, judicial and other updates.


Our team of tax law experts leveraged leading technologies to monitor state tax websites on a daily basis. Using web crawlers and watchers, our team gathered updates, then captured the highlights of each relevant tax development in a succinct summary and tagged the summaries according to source, development type, tax type and topic.


  • Provided end-to-end service by researching, summarizing and tagging updates to state tax laws
  • Ensured timliness by delivering summaries within one day from original publication date
  • Employed robust technology support: monitored and tracked updates on approximately 2500 relevant websites through a script-based web watcher; format final summaries in SGML
  • Delivered high quality work product by exceeding 98% SLAs